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Summer of Love!

Icons of the Hall

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Summer of Love: Revisited

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Summer of Love

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Alas, now done and dusted – but the information is still interesting! Click on the images to see larger versions. 



Julie with Nina Jones, Liverpool



Last Friday in Liverpool with Nina Jones. Magical evening. Thank you, Clare and Sandra!











Brook Inn

Brook Inn



At the Brook Inn after a fabulous gig last week.  Thanks to John, his team and the great audience.











Gigs rescheduled

Julie apologises as due to unforeseen circumstances we had to cancel three gigs at the beginning of this month.  We have, however, been able to reschedule two of them:-

Liverpool  Friday 14th July

Saltburn Thursday 28th September

Please see our Gig Guide for more information.



Filmed at the Elgar Room, Royal Albert Hall, on 27th May 2017 – thank you to John Etherington for posting!


And here, by special request, are the words:


Soy Corbynista
No soy capitalista
Soy socialista marchando por la paz
Soy Corbynista
No soy capitalista
Soy socialista luchando por la paz

I’ve been singing for fifty years
I’ve seen too many wars and too many tears
I still believe in democracy
That’s why I’m voting for Jeremy


One thing I just can’t understand
Why man keeps killing his fellow man
Why can’t we invest in education
Instead of weapons of annihilation


Forgive me if my voice gets strident
When you talk about renewing Trident
Billions of pounds to build submarines
That could blow us all to smithereens


A new recruit

Zoe de Lacy proudly showing off her JF tee shirt

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The latest Fan Club recruit, Zoe de Lacy, proudly showing off her JF tee shirt!












At the Royal Albert Hall

















Interesting afternoon on 27th May at the Royal Albert Hall. Not only was Julie’s first solo concert here in the hall screened, she also treated us to a handful of live songs. In return I know that Julie gained a further few more fans. Great afternoon!

Trevor Tapscott