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At the Glastonbury Goddess Conference

With Starhawk at the Glastonbury Goddess Conference With Brooke Medicine Eagle at the Glastonbury Goddess Conference








A couple of photos for you to enjoy – Julie with Brooke Medicine Eagle on the right, and with Starhawk on the left. Click either image for a larger version!

Fine performance in Stroud

Julie in StroudJulie in Stroud







Julie after her fine performance in Stroud last night with concert organiser Paul Richardson and Alan Fitzgerald. Excellent night, thank you to all those involved!

At the Blakehay

At the Blakehay



Julie at the Blakehay Theatre, Weston-Super-Mare, 27th February 2010





Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara



At my favourite beach in Santa Barbara












Hazelwood Review

 An Evening with Julie Felix at Hazelwood House

6th June 2015


Julie with Anabel

Julie with Anabel – click for a larger version

Julie has been performing at Hazelwood House for over 20 years. After so many wonderful experiences with her it is hard to find new adjectives of praise – her performance deepens, expands and becomes ever more moving and delightful.


On this last evening I witnessed the audience move from tears to laughter from deep listening to joyful singing.


Julie has such a great talent to engage everyone in the room regardless of age or musical preferences it is a joy to behold and even more of a joy to take part. It makes no difference if Julie is singing to 50 or 5,000 her connection with each person is remarkable – you feel as if she is singing just for you. Read More…

More from Hazelwood



Julie writes: “After the truly fantastic evening at Hazelwood House, Devon.


Here with Anabel.”






Saturday Night at Hazelwood


Saturday night at Hazelwood.


Here in front of a painting by “Janie” – “Silent Night”.