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Norwegian TV from the 60s!


An amazing piece of Norwegian TV footage from the late 1960s! Hear Julie sing This World Goes Round And Round, Windy Morning, When The Ship Comes In, Dirty Old Town, 100 Men Went Off To War and That’s No Way To Say Goodbyeclick here to view.


Summer of Love!

Icons of the Hall

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Summer of Love: Revisited

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Summer of Love

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Alas, now done and dusted – but the information is still interesting! Click on the images to see larger versions. 


Julie singing “Hallelujah”

Julie singing "Hallelujah" at the Tribute to Leonard Cohen

Julie singing “Hallelujah” at the Tribute
to Leonard Cohen
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The entire audience sang beautifully as they joined Julie singing “Hallelujah” at the Tribute to Leonard Cohen at St James’ Picadilly. (Feb. 6th 2017).










In the Studio


Studio2 Feb 2016 Studio1 Feb 2016


Last week in the studio with Charlie Foskett.













On the Mend

Red Rock


Slowly getting my strength back. Here at Red Rock, in the Mountains near Santa Barbara.











Padero Beach

Padero Beach


I’ve been ill with bronchial pneumonia and had to cancel my trip to Costa Rica. Here at Padero Beach hoping the sea air will help the healing process.







At the Indigo

With Nathalie Hayes
I recently went to see Steve Harley at The Indigo in London. Fabulous show!
Here I am backstage with Nathalie Hayes. Nathalie is the daughter of Mickie Most and is my music publisher at RAK.







Don’t bomb Syria

Julie writes: “I’ve just written to my MP – will you too?”


A decision will soon be made whether the UK will bomb in Syria.


Whilst it is clear that the brutality of ISIL and the Assad regime must be stopped, David Cameron lacks a comprehensive strategic plan that will bring about a much needed peaceful solution and make life better for the Syrian people and increase security for the UK.


Please lobby your MP here and urge them to vote against bombing Syria.