“Wild Wild Things”

This was posted by Charles Foskett, who says:

“OK, I’ve got to post this video clip after working with Julie Felix a couple of days ago – she kindly came into my studio to record her vocal parts on a duet song that I have just written for the two of us – It will be featured on my forthcoming debut album.

The song is about two old people who have lived life to the max and are together taking stock and watching the younger folks rush around expending endless energy on sometimes worthless proceedings – Yes we’ve all done that!

The song is called ‘Wild Wild Things’ and also features Scarlet Rivera on violins (Bob Dylan’s sidekick on quite a few of his albums and also The Rolling Thunder Revue 1975).

Please look out for it – the album will be officially coming out in early summer, will feature many known guests and there will be a mucho maximo promotional campaign starting soon on this FB page as well as many other regular places – (not lamp posts, railings or bus shelters).

Until then enjoy this post – It’s a short collection of daftness and behind the scenes footage starting in Julie’s music room and then my music arrangement and production of Julie’s version of Peter Knight’s wonderful song From a Lullaby Kiss“.

To watch the actual promo video of ‘From a Lullaby Kiss’ go to https://www.foskettsfolkfactory.com/video